Who we are is a trading name of PDS Design Solutions Limited founded in 1997.

We initally in the LED market with our sister comapny but due to the high deman for flag pole light used on telescopic flag pole we have launched a dedicated site for the flag pole lighting market and was born.

Led offer a 90% saving over incandescent lighting and can now be seen in industrial, commercial and due to the low cost house hold application.

Led Strip Lighting / Led Tape light offer a versatile décor, available in various sizes, we promote the well known SMD 5050 Led (also known as Super Bright Leds), SMD 5050 RGB Leds (Colour changing Leds) and SMD 3528 Leds. The difference being that the 5050 Leds are 5.0m x 5.0m and have three led per led chip, whilst the 3528 Leds are 3.5mm x 2.8mm and have a single Led chip. The 5050 led strip lights are their for much brighter than the 3528 led strip lights. All our led strips are available in a 5M reel, having 60 Leds per meter or 300 leds over a 5M length, its worth checking that a competitors led strip have this amount of led per meter.

All our LED Strips operate from a nominal 12VDC making them ideal for Motor-Homes, Caravans, Cars, Boats, Canal Boats and other 12V applications. With the use of a 12V LED Driver commonly know as a Power Supply we can use them in our homes, office or work space as these 12V LED Drivers converts AC mains to 12VDC.

Available in single colour or with the 5050 RGB/RGB+W color changing led strips having 16 pre set colours, allowing the user to use the hand held remote control to select the exact mood colour to suite their environment, or by selecting one of the pre set programmes to slowly fade in and out of the colour spectrum.

All our 5050 Leds, 5050 RGB Leds and 3528 Leds strip lights can be cut to size, as every 3 leds or 50mm there is a cut mark shown on the pcb. Users have the choice to solder to the led pcb or use our 5050 (10mm wide), 5050 RGB (10mm wide) or 3528 (8mm wide) Led Connectors. These simply clip over the cut led strip and snap shut allowing 12V termination. The waterproof version will need to have the epoxy coated removed to allow the connectors to clip over the pcb.

Our high-quality Flexible LED strips have a double-sided adhesive tape on the back so can be installed very quickly, also available are 5050 & 3528 mounting clips as well as a variety of led accessories such as LED Dimmer, LED Controller, LED Amplifiers. We are hear to help just ask if you need to know anything.

We are always looking for Wholesale/Trade customer and Distributors to expand our markets share, excellent rates are available.